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Re: ACAD Attribute ?

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I solve this problem easily with XREF.  We always put our title blocks in as
XREF's for just this very reason.  Any information that is common to ever
sheet is included in the XREF title block.  Any information that is specific
to each sheet is only included in the actual drawing.  I make one title block
up to true plotted size, i.e., if the sheet is 24x36 I make a true size title
block to that sheet size minus the margins.  Then when I insert it I scale it
up to the sheet size of the actual drawing, i.e., if it is 1/8 scale I scale
the XREF 96 times.

So, when somebody says I need to change the date, name, etc. of all the
sheets, I go into the XREF sheet, change it once, and presto, all of the
sheets are changes!

Rich Lewis

seaint(--nospam--at),Internet writes:
Say you're fixing to send out a final set with 20 or 30 drawings and the
architect calls and wants to change the date on the title block from 2-25-99
to 2-26-99.  It's a pain to manually make this change.

Previously, Mark Middlebrook and others have posted script and batch files
to automate different tasks.  One that comes to mind is a file to change all
drawings in a particular subdirectory from r14 to r13.  What I would like to
be able to do is the following:
1.  Have a script open a file.
2.  select a particular block to edit the attributes (ddatte)
3.  change value of a particular attribute
4.  save changes
5.  continue to next dwg file.

The problems that I am running into is how to do you select the block with
the attributes without manually picking it (the block will always be called

Then how do change a particular attribute at the command line.

Any help would be wonderful.


John Jones, PE
Pell City, AL