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RE: RE: Dilbert's Theorem

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Not only Jews, but many other MINORITIES.

It is a curious fact that only Jews are ever mentioned as having suffered
under the Nazi version of "ethnic cleansing," when in fact many other
minorities did as well, including Basques, Gypsies, and many other eastern
European minorities.

Europe has long been home to a vast number of tiny minority populations.
Since they were in the minority, their opinions didn't count.

Which is why the United States, contrary to popular opinion (there we go
again!), is not now and never has been a "democracy," but a "republic." A
true "democracy", where the majority rules, is devastating to individual
rights and freedoms.

The most sinister effect of the Impeachment "trial" (a rare thing: A trial
without witnesses) will turn out to be the blow to the rule of law over the
opinion of the majority. If those who today continue to utter "public
sentiment decrees..." were consistent, they would have never supported the
Civil Rights struggles of the 1960s, for example. That was CLEARLY an
unpopular movement in the public opinion.

The miracle of the American experiment has been rooted in the concept of
justice above all, even above public sentiment.  We have never, until now,
been governed by mob rule.  Mayhap that has changed.

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> Not among Jews.  (Is this off-track?)