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RE: Fw: pedestrian bridge

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Just to confuse the issue a little more, AASHTO Section specifies a
live load of 85 psf for pedestrian bridges.  Where maintenance vehicles are
expected, Section says that these should be considered separately
-- an H10 truck (1/2 of an H20) is sometimes used. Caltrans goes further and
specifies that Impact should be included for load group IH with BetaL=1.0
(this is normally 1.67) and, if you happen to have equestrians, Caltrans
specifies that the bridge be checked for an H10 truck.  So, now you have
three loads.  AASHTO/Caltrans includes an impact factor, which might account
for the difference between their 85psf and UBC's 100 psf.

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> The 1997 UBC recommends 100 psf for pedestrian bridges Table 16-A.  In
> Table 16-B Construction walkways are 150 psf.  Does someone know why there
> is a discrepancy in these two loads? 
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> 	  what live load should be used for a pedestrian bridge spanningup
> to 210 ft. in some cases, light vehichles may pass rauf akbaba