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RE: UBC97-- Redundancy Factor

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You may wish to reference the 1997 NEHRP Commentary Section 5.2.4 for a more
in depth discussion.  One X brace or one chevron brace; each consists of 2
diagonal elements, beams and columns.  In general, if one of the elements
fails, the brace fails. 

Harold Sprague

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Subject: UBC97-- Redundancy Factor

Re: UBC97, Reliability/Redundancy Factor

What is your interpretation of the UBC97, section1630.1.1, eq. 30-3, if you
have a chevron brace?
Do you still consider chevron brace as two brace elements when calculating
r(max.) or one?
Is there any difference between X-brace & chevron brace when calculating
Maybe X-brace counts for two brace elements since each system (diagonal plus
column) could be an "independent",
statically stable system?
However with  chevron is a different story -- buckling, let's say,  of one
diagonal make the whole system unstable ( assuming that there are no special
provisions for beam).
What is your opinion?

Lee Konczak SE
Industrial Design Corp.
Portland, Oregon