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Re: Car Crash Loads

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Well it's 8:40 pm and I've had two car crashes that have not shown up.
In the 2 letters sent I conceeded that is mass but have worked many problems
where the answer was a force in slugs.  The 3,338,000 IS
high and I didn't stop to think about it at the time.  I think that this
number represents the force integral.  Upon recalculating I get 847,000 and
don't see how the gravitational constant can be a part.
                                                Isn't physics fun ?!
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Subject: Re: Car Crash Loads

>No I am sure slugs are mass.  There are lbm and lbf with the lbf being the
>traditional pound we are used to and lbm being a bastardized unit equal to
>mass that exerts one lb(f) at 1 g (32.15 ft/s^2).  Where as 1 slug *
1ft/s^2 =
>1 lb.
>-Bill King