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Re: UBC97-- Redundancy Factor

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KBD - Knowledge Based Design.

That's the answer!


---Charles Greenlaw <cgreenlaw(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> >
> >What was interesting was the conclusion that when the members were
> >to be loaded into the inelastic region that redundancy could actually
> >degrade system reliability.  As I understand it the greater the
number of
> >members means that there is a greater likely hood that one of the
> >will fail and that this failure would more likely lead to a failure
of the
> >system.  You should read the article since it is thought provoking.
> >
> >Mark Gilligan
> >
>         Thought provoking?  Yes!
>         Lindbergh reportedly rejected a multi-engine airplane for
the flight
> to Paris for the same reason, as did a Russian flight from Moscow
over the
> north pole to the west coast of the US in the 1930's. Any engine
failure at
> all would defeat the objective; thus multiple engines degraded the
> of success. Both of those successful flights had multi-engined
rivals who
> were lost enroute.
>         Yet if surplus engines unnecessary to success can be
carried, then
> the redundancy can help in the event one of them underperforms.
>         What sort of dicey design philosophy is this new code
relying on?
> Where is it articulated? Are we still mired in guesswork, but
guesswork now
> deceptively cloaked in elegant sophistication?
>         Are we going to have to make Pinto Gas Tank excuses for
> someday?
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