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Title blocks in AutoCAD

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> I appreciate all the responses, however, I prefer not to 
> use xref's on the title block.  This date issue is usually 
> only a problem on big jobs (20-30 sheets) and only on 
> a few of them.

As a postscript, I would agree with Rich, Bruce, and Vince that it's wise to put the part of the title block that's identical on all sheets in an xref, even on jobs with a small number of sheets. In my experience, title blocks end up changing for all kinds of reasons, and with most of the title block geometry and text in an xref, updating all of the sheets usually is a snap. Besides, it's just good data management.

For what it's worth, I always create my title block out of two drawings: 

(1) A drawing containing the geometry and text that are the same for all sheets. I name this drawing file S-tblock.dwg.

(2) A drawing containing attribute definitions for the text that can change on each sheet. I name this drawing file S-tblatt.dwg.

I XREF Attach S-tblock.dwg and INSERT S-tblatt.dwg.

- Mark Middlebrook