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Re: Earl Conroy is an alias

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I agree that Mr. Bruce Bates conduct is a serious breach of trust. 

The emails from "Earl Conroy" can be found in"Email
Archives"/"Search Archive". They are available to anyone who wants to review

Reviewing the emails it is obvious that the reason to use an alias was to
damage competitor reputations and to promote Risa.

I don't agree with Mr. Bates that "Earl's" comments are true.  I want to
remember him a fabricated email from "Earl", related the Avansse (AVwin)

I'm one of the many suckers who bought avansee back in 1993/94 with the
promise of (and prepayment for) additional program modules. These modules were
never delivered and the company selling avansee went belly up. Needless to
say, the money I sent in for these modules disappeared.

These guys have a lot of guts trying to market this program again. If I
weren't so busy I would consider legal action (fraud) just on principle.

If you buy this program, don't say you weren't warned.

Earl Conroy
EC Engineers

How can a fabricated person buy a product? "Earl" is not just an alias. It
is a dishonest invention from a professional who is unable to make a fair
competence with his product. "Earl" has attacked to structural programs that
may threaten his position in the market. He made this attacks very subtle,
intelligent and convincing.

Boris Kraljevic
Avansse International, Inc.

At 04:34 PM 2/26/99 -0800, you wrote:
>I must say that this is a serious breach of trust. Anyone remembering Mr.
>"Conroy's" posts knows that they were blatantly pro Risa even when such an
>assessment was unwarranted. Mr. Bates did this to make unfair comparisons
>and other comments that would not have been taken seriously had we known who
>the real author was.
>It is unfortunate that Bruce lowered himself to this level. His software
>speaks for itself. The other parties who did not follow this approach WERE
>harmed by suffering from false impressions left in the minds of the
>recipients of this list.
>It is important that all participants remember that any opinions found here,
>solicited or otherwise, are just that. If you want definitive information,
>go to the source and compare for yourself.
>The most recent offense by Bruce was a comment that occurred in a thread a
>few weeks ago concerning baseplate design software. The problem had to do
>with an unusual condition that needed checking. When "Earl Conroy" said that
>the Risa program was "lightyears" ahead of the RamAnalysis version, he
>seriously distorted the truth, in my opinion. The fact is that the
>RamAnalysis software is significantly faster than the Risa program. The both
>have their uses and ahould both be on the shelf of the professional office.
>The concept that FEM is lightyears ahead of other approximations is silly.
>Accuracy of FEM can be very important is certain situations. But speed is
>also important.
>I am happy to see that Bruce admitted his duplicity. It is a very difficult
>thing to admit a lie.
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>> Subject: Earl Conroy is an alias
>> I've posted messages to the list using "Earl Conroy" as an alias. In
>> retrospect I've come to the conclusion that this was
>> inappropriate (wrong). To
>> anyone who is offended by this, I offer my apologies. It of
>> course won't
>> happen again. Just for the record, however, "Earl" never
>> posted anything that
>> was knowingly misleading or untrue.
>> This will be my only public comment on this matter. For
>> anyone wishing to
>> discuss it with me further, please feel free to email me privately at
>> "bruceb(--nospam--at)" .
>> Sincerely,
>> Bruce Bates