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Re: Grouting in Eugene

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When designing masonry in Oregon, or anyplace else, we design for fully
grouted walls only when it is required by the calculations.  However when
reinforcement gets tighter there comes a point where we would specify fully
grouted just a a practical matter.  We don't have a hard and fast rule in
our office but the quote from Joe Usarski seems very reasonable to me.
Although most of Oregon is in seismic Zone 3 most of the masonry walls we
design would qualify for partial grouting even under the 32"/48" guideline

Asking what the local construction practices are is a good question.  And we
have asked the same question of the Contractors we work with.  What we don't
want to see is a situation where the wall is designed as partially grouted
and the Contractor changes to fully grouted, "Because everybody knows it
makes a better wall" without consulting the Engineer.  While the wall is
stronger there may be components of the structure which are not designed for
the extra vertical load and/or seismic load.

Dave Morris S.E.
Endex Engineering
Corvallis, OR