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seismic building separation

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FWIW, I would opt for pitched sheet metal across the opening.  It can flex 
easily, is pitched to drain and will not sag and pond like a flexible 

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Duck wrote:

. > I have a question regarding a waterproof seismic building
. > separation.  I have two wood framed office buildings with
. > parapets that are approximately 9 inches apart.  The
. > buildings have been designed to act independently of each
. > other.  The contractor wants to roof over the separation to
. > prevent any water from getting in between the two walls.
. > The Architect is showing metal flashing.  I suggested using
. > a flexible waterproof neoprene, and received the standard
. > "what are you crazy?" response.  How long does neoprene
. > typically last?    Does anybody have any better suggestions,
. > 
. > or information that might help? (aside from shooting the
. > contractor...ha ha.)  Thanx.
. >