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Re: Grouting in Eugene

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kolby orcher wrote:
> Does anyone have any recent experience with masonry construction in
> Eugene, Oregon?  We are design a structure there and were wondering if
> the local contractors prefer to grout all their masonry walls solid or
> if the grout only those cells with reinforcing.  Thanks in advance.
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Oregon construction practices follow the rule of charge high and build
low.  Non-construction costs have severely eroded the ability of
tradesmen to make a living with the usual consequences.

Plan on grouting only reinforced cells, unless there is so much
reinforcing that the open cells appear irregularly.  A

lso consider reinforcing and solid grouting one portion of a wall
(particularly for in-plane shear) and lessening the requirements to the
minimum elsewhere.  Also, make sure your client understands that a
little more $$ spent on detail drawings of reinf/grouted wall will
reduce cost overall since the contractor can bid more accurately.