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Re: seismic building separation

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I have detailed seismic seperation joints of 6" or so for a Post Office
expansion in Anchorage Alaska.  Check Sweets for expansion joint covers.  If
you use a neoprene water seal, it is intended only a secondary element.  The
metal cover (with flexible hardware) keeps out the UV, water and debris.
The neoprene deliberately sags and you may need drain connections for small
pipes to the exterior depending on the geometry.  Wall expansion joints may
be needed also of course.

Gary M. Wheeler, AIA, Architect
American Architecture Service.  Try our Portal at

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Date: Saturday, February 27, 1999 2:31 AM
Subject: seismic building separation

>I have a question regarding a waterproof seismic building
>separation.  I have two wood framed office buildings with
>parapets that are approximately 9 inches apart.  The
>buildings have been designed to act independently of each
>other.  The contractor wants to roof over the separation to
>prevent any water from getting in between the two walls.
>The Architect is showing metal flashing.  I suggested using
>a flexible waterproof neoprene, and received the standard
>"what are you crazy?" response.  How long does neoprene
>typically last?    Does anybody have any better suggestions,
>or information that might help? (aside from shooting the
>contractor...ha ha.)  Thanx.