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Re: Degree of Fixity (DOF) Method.

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I would just like to mention that there is no way for a serious contributor
to this list to "wear out their welcome" as I heard implied.  On the
contrary it is the multi-nationality of this list that makes it
INTERNATIONAL.  I think it is interesting to hear about other codes,
standards, materials, methods and situations.
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From: suherdi <suherdi(--nospam--at)>
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Date: Saturday, February 27, 1999 9:59 AM
Subject: Degree of Fixity (DOF) Method.

>Hi friends,
>I interested about '' Degree of Fixity'' method written by Mr.Gabriel
>Gracia at ACI Journal :
>1.Elastic Lateral Instability of Column Studied by the Degree of Fixity
>Method (P-Delte effect) Sept.-Oct' 1981.
>2.Rapid Method for Evaluating Bending Moments in a Articulated Plane Frame
>Subjected to Lateral Load; January-Febuary 1983
>If You know how to calculate DOF coefficient for ''closed ring'' shape and
>another articles about DOF method, informed me please.
>According to reference point 1 above, the author have published his book
>with the title:
>''La distribucion de momentos por el metode de grado de emportramiento'',
>this book contain one of the  explaination how to calculate DOF for closed
>ring shape.
>I don't know what that book has translated in English.
>Please inform me to my email: suherdi(--nospam--at) or to this
>Thanks, for your attention and kindly.