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Re: Earl Conroy is an alias

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I know I said originally I wasn't going to have any more comments on this
alias issue, but as I've reviewed all of "Earl's" posts I've realized there
are a few I do need to address specifically.

First, using the Earl Conroy alias, I criticized Joe Deppe for advertising on
the list. This of course was the height of hypocrisy, Joe at least was using
his own name. I certainly owe Joe an apology for that, and I hope he will
accept it.

Also, while any judgements or technical assessments I made of the Staad
program were in fact based on my own experiences, "Earl" made reference to
"switching from Staad to RISA-3D". Since "Earl" is ficticious, this obviously
could not have happened. My apologies to the folks at Research Engineers for
that one.

Finally, on the Avansee issue, even though my posts using the Earl Conroy
alias were factually correct, they were delivered in a mean spirited fashion,
and I regret that.

As I've reflected on this the last couple days, I of course greatly regret
ever using the Earl Conroy alias. It was wrong and I actually feel physically
sick when I think about it. My personal and professional reputation are
suffering damage because it, damage that far outweighs any minimal benefit I
gained from the alias, damage I deserve and accept. 

Bruce Bates