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Re: Alias or Not? FAQ

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seaint(--nospam--at),Internet writes:

Q: Can I use an alias and keep my real identity a secret? 

A: SEAINT List is an un-moderated list and therefore, requires those who
use this list to act in a professional and ethical manner. SEAINT does not
review the posts submitted to this list. SEAINT can only respond to those
who complain about misuse of these resources. There is very little that we
can do other than remove a problem subscriber from the list and try to
prevent him or her from returning. There is little we can do to prevent
anyone from assuming another alias and returning to this list. In summary,
as far as you are not misusing this list server, you can remain anonymous
if you like to.

I think this statement encourages people to think about it and consider it
even if prior to subscribing the idea never crossed their mind.  I would
strongly encourage you to make a statement that we do not want aliases and
prefer everyone use their own real identity.  Those too timid to place a post
with their name on it will probably just not place a post.  That's okay.  At
least they are trying to keep informed.  We shouldn't need to hide or mislead
people in order to have the courage to make a statement.

Rich Lewis