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Re: Earl Conroy is an alias

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Mr. Bruce Bates:

Thank you for your apology. I supposed that you would say that. Let me
remind you that you don't had to buy the software in the 1993 since I send
to you (and to many other companies) a copy of Avansse before it be
marketed. You may recall that I did that in an attempt to reach to a
marketing agreement with you. 

When we offered a full and free AVwin to SEAint in order to compensate our
customers from our errors, "Earl" sent many emails about the inconvenient of
using "freeware". I must recognize that "Earl's" statements are true, but
also they were partially oriented and had a clear intention: to discourage
SEAint members to download the AVwin SEAint version. I am sorry that you
feel intimidated by new software available in the market.

However, I am pleased to know that you did choose the AVwin program as your
main target. This is an implicit recognition to our product.

Boris Kraljevic
Avansse International, Inc.

At 01:16 PM 2/27/99 EST, you wrote:
>I do owe you a personal apology for my use of the Earl Conroy alias, and I
>hope you will accept it. However, I would like to make the point that I did in
>fact buy Avansse as stated by "Earl", and I did pay for upgrades that were
>never delivered. The only untruth in that post, as in the others, was that I
>put a fictitious name at the end of it.
><< I agree that Mr. Bruce Bates conduct is a serious breach of trust. 
> The emails from "Earl Conroy" can be found in"Email
> Archives"/"Search Archive". They are available to anyone who wants to review
> them.
> Reviewing the emails it is obvious that the reason to use an alias was to
> damage competitor reputations and to promote Risa.
> I don't agree with Mr. Bates that "Earl's" comments are true.  I want to
> remember him a fabricated email from "Earl", related the Avansse (AVwin)
> program:
>  >>