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RE: Alias or Not? FAQ

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I must disagree that a person needs to identify themselves to post.  I
evaluate each post I read and use the information or not as my judgement
indicates.  Certainly use of a pseudonym or not signing a post (or
posting with what appears to be a "real" name but doing so in a partisan
manner as we have recently had admitted on the list by a man I respect
even more for coming forward as he did) causes me to give a little less
overall credibility to that particular message, but I would rather have
people participate in a way they are comfortable.  Will there be abuses?
Sure. But I think wider participation on the list is worth that risk.

Now the perspective on why I feel that way. I'm an elected official
(local school board, former city council member).  Frequently, members
of the public want to address the Board or Council without identifying
themselves.  It used to bother me until I realized, by listening
closely,  that some really good ideas came from these people.  An
elected official doesn't have all the right answers.  It is important
for us to hear a wide variety of views on an issue to develop a sound
perspective. I now gladly welcome their input as well as those who do
identify themselves.  Some of these people over time have become
comfortable identifying themselves, some not.  But again, the value of
their ideas to helping me put an issue into perspective far outweighs
any discomfort I may feel.  And the value of their participation
(anonymous or not) in the community is beyond measure.  The listserver
is a community too!

Bill Cain, SE
Oakland, CA

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	I think this statement encourages people to think about it and
consider it
	even if prior to subscribing the idea never crossed their mind.
I would
	strongly encourage you to make a statement that we do not want
aliases and
	prefer everyone use their own real identity.  Those too timid to
place a post
	with their name on it will probably just not place a post.
That's okay.  At
	least they are trying to keep informed.  We shouldn't need to
hide or mislead
	people in order to have the courage to make a statement.

	Rich Lewis