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Re: Plastic Design Selection Table (pg 2-15 to . . .)

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Can't comment on AISC directly, however if a section is a class 3 or 4 then
the Mp or Zx is not relevant. The section must meet the width/thickness
ratios in order to be used up to the limits of full plastic behaviour.
Since the width/thickness ratios depend on fy, some sections may be class 2
for fy=44 but class 3 for fy=50.

Dave Handy. P.Eng.
The Thompson Rosemount Group.
Cornwall, Ontario, CANADA

At 10:37 AM 3/1/99 -0800, you wrote:
>Does anyone know why Mp and Py is not listed for certain W sections, for Fy =
>I believe it has something to do with not complying with the requirements of
>Chapter N of AISC ASD Specs but the comments on pg 2-15 are not clear as to
>which part of the spec may affect the listing of Mp or Py, other than that it
>is not a " 'plastic design section' ".
>Thanks in advance,
>ed gonzalez