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RE: Re: Alias or Not? FAQ

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Exactly. If you aren't willing to put your name to what you have to say,
I must wonder why? What are you afraid of? Why are you hiding? Here are
a few guesses as to why someone might not want to use their name: ( I'm
sure you guys can think of more)

1. Afraid of looking stupid by asking a question.
2. Desire to snipe at others and remain anonymous.
3. Attempting to be something your not (like an engineer).
4. Lack of confidence in the statement you make.
5. Trying to hide your identity with the intent to mislead ( like

I don't think any of the above are very good reasons to hide. Now,
obviously we, the readers of the posts on the list do not take
everything we read here to be the gospel truth without applying some
degree of scrutiny, but how much stock can you put into something
someone has to say if they don't have the fortitude to say who they are?
This isn't some aol chat room. We are supposed to be professionals.
Professionals aren't afraid to sign their posts. By indicating who you
are you must do a few things with respect your post like:

1. Think it through so it makes sense.
2. Get your facts straight ( as much as possible).
3. Be prepared to receive criticism about your ideas.

I would hope that all of us would do the following before we add a post
to the list. Don't you all agree? 

P.S. Now, its a dead horse!

 Monte Griffiths, S.E.

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> seaint(--nospam--at),Internet writes:
> Rich-
> I must disagree that a person needs to identify themselves to post.  I
> evaluate each post I read and use the information or not as my
> judgement
> indicates.  Certainly use of a pseudonym or not signing a post (or
> posting with what appears to be a "real" name but doing so in a
> partisan
> manner as we have recently had admitted on the list by a man I respect
> even more for coming forward as he did) causes me to give a little
> less
> overall credibility to that particular message, but I would rather
> have
> people participate in a way they are comfortable.  Will there be
> abuses?
> Sure. But I think wider participation on the list is worth that risk.
> Not to beat a dead horse here, but you seem to contradict yourself
> here.  Why
> do you respect the man more now then before just because he used his
> real
> name and admitted an alias.  Was it wrong for him to use the alias so
> now you
> respect him more?
> I just think it is common courtesy to be open and honest.  Why should
> anyone
> need to hide and deceive others?  I am honest with others, why
> shouldn't I
> expect it in return?
> Rich Lewis