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RE: FRP rebar in concrete design

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Maybe not so good for a balcony after all.  The glass fibers have a *much*
lower modulus of elasticity than steel, so you end up having to use more
reinforcing to limit deflections.  I think their effectiveness is limited to
applications 1) where severe chemical corrosion, much more than atmospheric
exposure, is a concern; 2)where an electromagnetically transparent material
is required.  There are several manufacturers; most provide a fiber spirally
wrapped around the outside plus a gritty surface as the means of mechanical
bond.  A salesman from Atlas left me a sample of a 180 degree bend with
deformation ribs similar to steel rebar (which was molded rather than
pultruded).  The material is really still in its infancy.

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	Subject:	FRP rebar in concrete design

	February's Civil Engineering magazine had an article on glass FRP.
I would 
	like to know if anyone has ever designed any reinforced concrete
with glass 
	reinforcement?  I would like to research this item to broaden my
knowledge as 
	an engineer.  The article said ACI committee 440 is developing a set
	guidelines for designs and should be out mid-1999.  Are their
currently any 
	texts on the market?  I could see where this type of reinforcement
would be 
	ideal for exterior balconies.  Any comments or information on the
above would 
	be appreciated.

	Hope you all had a good engineers week,
	James A. Lane, P.E.