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FRP rebar in concrete design

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One of the things that made the marriage of steel and concrete so compatible 
was that the coefficient of thermal expansion of both materials was nearly 
the same.  I don't think that you can say that about GFRP rebar.

Another thing about GFRP reinforcing is that there is no yield point.  Glass 
is linearly elastic, probably conforming to Hooke's Law better than any other 
material, but then it breaks!  No warning, no ductility, just failure.  A 
very high factor of safety should be used with this material.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

James Lane wrote:

. > February's Civil Engineering magazine had an article on glass FRP.  I 
. > would like to know if anyone has ever designed any reinforced concrete 
. > with glass reinforcement?  I would like to research this item to broaden 
. > my knowledge as an engineer.  The article said ACI committee 440 is 
. > developing a set of guidelines for designs and should be out mid-1999.  
. > Are their currently any texts on the market?  I could see where this type 
. > of reinforcement would be ideal for exterior balconies.  Any comments or 
. > information on the above would be appreciated.
. > 
. > Hope you all had a good engineers week,
. > James A. Lane, P.E.
. >