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Re: Re: Alias or Not? FAQ

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>Exactly. If you aren't willing to put your name to what you have to say,
>I must wonder why? What are you afraid of? Why are you hiding? Here are
>a few guesses as to why someone might not want to use their name:
>1. Afraid of looking stupid by asking a question.
>2. Desire to snipe at others and remain anonymous.
>3. Attempting to be something your not (like an engineer).
>4. Lack of confidence in the statement you make.
>5. Trying to hide your identity with the intent to mislead (like Bruce).
>I don't think any of the above are very good reasons to hide.

#1 & #4 are caused by the poster's low self esteem, probably resulting from
fear of intimidation by other posters, #2 is the poster acting as a bully,
#3 and #5 are clearly for committing fraud.

But if the poster is involved in a dispute of some kind and is trying to
gather some objective ideas, concepts, and thoughts without prejudicing the
response, he or she may want to use an alias.

Use of an alias is not necessarily unethical.  But by using it as a tool to
mislead, (flame shields up) Bruce might have other problems that are beyond
the scope and mission of this list to address.

Ray Pixley

P.S.  Another reason for an alias is that it allows one to argue with
themselves in public.  Professional help is definitely needed in that
situation.  Or they should have pursued a career in acting or politics. ;-)