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Re: FRP rebar in concrete design

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>I would suggest caution in using FRP "rebar" in salt exposed areas.  I
>remember a research paper (early 90's I think) that presented work on R/C
>piles/piers subject to salt water wet/dry cycle.  The piles had a "dry"
>zone, a "wet" zone & a "wet/dry" zone.  The FRP "rebar" decomposed nearly 
>completely in the wet/dry zone after 6 months of a sinle  wet/dry
>cycle per day.  Just a faint recollection of a result that really
>surprised me.  It may not be applicable to the origianl poster's

In the current (Jan-Feb) issue of ACI Structural Journal there is a paper on
using FRP 'rebar' and the effects of thermal cycles by a group in Florida.
They published another paper on the wet/dry degradation of FRP in the Sept-Oct
1998 issue.  Those two articles and the footnotes in them should give a good
starting point.  And along smilier lines there is another paper in the current
issue titled 'Flexural Strength of Concrete Beams with Corroding

-Bill King