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RE: Earl Conroy is an alias

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Dear Mr. Bates:
You me an apology and also an indemnization.
Due to Mr. Conroy´s reccomendations I moved from STAAD-III to Risa 3D.
Since I´m not satisfied with Risa 3D, and knowing that you are Mr. Bates
from Risa 3D, I want a refund of my money.
But don´t worry, I´am also ficticious, since I am a STAAD-III Distributor
for Venezuela, and I would never made such a change.
Your ficticious character could have made somebody else take a decision like
the above mentioned.

Ing. Vincenzo Valerio
Enmar Representaciones y Asesorias, C.A.
Caracas, Venezuela.
Tel: 58-2-238-5253 ; Fax: 58-2-237-1101
E-mail: enmar(--nospam--at)
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Fecha: Domingo 28 de Febrero de 1999 11:30 AM
Asunto: Re: Earl Conroy is an alias

>I know I said originally I wasn't going to have any more comments on this
>alias issue, but as I've reviewed all of "Earl's" posts I've realized there
>are a few I do need to address specifically.
>First, using the Earl Conroy alias, I criticized Joe Deppe for advertising
>the list. This of course was the height of hypocrisy, Joe at least was
>his own name. I certainly owe Joe an apology for that, and I hope he will
>accept it.
>Also, while any judgements or technical assessments I made of the Staad
>program were in fact based on my own experiences, "Earl" made reference to
>"switching from Staad to RISA-3D". Since "Earl" is ficticious, this
>could not have happened. My apologies to the folks at Research Engineers
>that one.
>Finally, on the Avansee issue, even though my posts using the Earl Conroy
>alias were factually correct, they were delivered in a mean spirited
>and I regret that.
>As I've reflected on this the last couple days, I of course greatly regret
>ever using the Earl Conroy alias. It was wrong and I actually feel
>sick when I think about it. My personal and professional reputation are
>suffering damage because it, damage that far outweighs any minimal benefit
>gained from the alias, damage I deserve and accept.
>Bruce Bates