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RE: Alias or Not? FAQ

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I think that everybody on this list should identify itself including their
geographical location and company name. In my case I also include my
telephone numbers.
This is a professional list and we should act as collaborators and as
representatives of countries, states, education source, and cultural
background. Other thing would be, if this were a sex chat or anything else.

Ing. Vincenzo Valerio
Enmar Representaciones y Asesorias, C.A.
Caracas, Venezuela.
Tel: 58-2-238-5253 ; Fax: 58-2-237-1101
E-mail: enmar(--nospam--at)
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De: Cain, William <bcain(--nospam--at)>
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Fecha: Lunes 1 de Marzo de 1999 02:30 PM
Asunto: RE: Alias or Not? FAQ

>I must disagree that a person needs to identify themselves to post.  I
>evaluate each post I read and use the information or not as my judgement
>indicates.  Certainly use of a pseudonym or not signing a post (or
>posting with what appears to be a "real" name but doing so in a partisan
>manner as we have recently had admitted on the list by a man I respect
>even more for coming forward as he did) causes me to give a little less
>overall credibility to that particular message, but I would rather have
>people participate in a way they are comfortable.  Will there be abuses?
>Sure. But I think wider participation on the list is worth that risk.
>Now the perspective on why I feel that way. I'm an elected official
>(local school board, former city council member).  Frequently, members
>of the public want to address the Board or Council without identifying
>themselves.  It used to bother me until I realized, by listening
>closely,  that some really good ideas came from these people.  An
>elected official doesn't have all the right answers.  It is important
>for us to hear a wide variety of views on an issue to develop a sound
>perspective. I now gladly welcome their input as well as those who do
>identify themselves.  Some of these people over time have become
>comfortable identifying themselves, some not.  But again, the value of
>their ideas to helping me put an issue into perspective far outweighs
>any discomfort I may feel.  And the value of their participation
>(anonymous or not) in the community is beyond measure.  The listserver
>is a community too!
>Bill Cain, SE
>Oakland, CA
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> Sent: Monday, March 01, 1999 5:16 AM
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> Subject: Re: Alias or Not? FAQ
> ,snip.
> I think this statement encourages people to think about it and
>consider it
> even if prior to subscribing the idea never crossed their mind.
>I would
> strongly encourage you to make a statement that we do not want
>aliases and
> prefer everyone use their own real identity.  Those too timid to
>place a post
> with their name on it will probably just not place a post.
>That's okay.  At
> least they are trying to keep informed.  We shouldn't need to
>hide or mislead
> people in order to have the courage to make a statement.
> Rich Lewis