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Re: FRP rebar in concrete design

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>There was some squabbling 
>about the source, but it was clear that the glass wrapping had undergone 
>some sort of environmental attack, and had been exposed to moisture and 
>either road salt or salt vapor. NASA tests also showed degradation of 
>exposed (outdoors near Cleveland, but not on roads) tanks especially when 
>subject to cyclic loading.  

Was substrate delamination looked at?  It is a very real problem in just about
all current composites were under cyclic and impact loads the various layers
of the composite will delaminate and for a pressure vessel that would spell
real problems.
I agree with you on the use of compsites as 'magic bullets'.  
	One really good source of information in a few years will be the aerospace
industry, with the dramatic increase in the use of composites watch out for a
few spectacular failures over the next few years (maybe 10 to 15) as they find
out the limits of the material simliar to all the aluminum fatigue failures
they had a few years back.

-Bill King