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Salary Survey

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 I have used both the NSPE salary info and the Purdue graphs and as
others have stated previously, it does give some basic info. but how
well does it really apply specifically to our profession?

Has anyone at SEAINT ever considered doing a salary survey of our
participants? It, of course, would have to be set up as a "blind" survey
so that no none could ever correlate names with salaries. Some required
data that I think would be useful:

Yearly Compensation:    Base Salary, Overtime, Bonus, Other
Location:    City, State (Salary could then be adjusted by the cost of
living adjustment for that city)
Highest Degree Attained:      (Bachelors, Masters or Phd)
Position:   Non-supervisory, Manager, Principal
Experience: No. of years
Size of Firm: No. of employees

 I, for one, would be willing to participate if assurance could be given
to every participant that it would be conducted with total
confidentiality. It could be very useful for employees as well as
employers in our profession.

 Jim Kestner, P.E.
Green Bay, Wi.