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Re[2]: Alias or Not? FAQ

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Jerome AM Tan
Makati City, Philippines


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Subject: Re: Alias or Not? FAQ
Author:  MIME:cgreenlaw(--nospam--at) at INTERNET
Date:    03/02/99 5:51 PM

Bruce Resnick, SE,  wrote:

>This is a list of professional people sharing technical information, which has already limited itself to technical questions only (i.e. no politics, no humor).  I see no possible excuse for someone to not add their name to their >post. -----------

I might agree with the second sentence if I agreed with the first. But it is clear that this list is used to good effect for more than the sharing of technical information.

Matters of professional practice policy and professional conduct frequently appear. Opinions on how things ought to be are often given, and not just incontrovertible facts on how things already are.  Such opinions run to controversy and involve engineering politics. I post this kind of material, opinionated here and there, and I salt in some humor on porpoise.

Bill Cain has me persuaded why anonymity should be tolerated. It facilitates the expression of worthwhile opinion where being identified would chill it.

Some time back, Bill gave a tip on how to keep so many topics from becoming tedious and annoying: Don't persist in trying to get the last word in, when others have offered differing views (or offended you) and you want somehow to prevail.

Charles O. Greenlaw, SE   Sacramento CA