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Re[2]: Alias or Not? FAQ

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I second this. And being the professional that we should all be, we must try to limit the inputs we share with the intent to clarify professional issues and not with the malicious purpose to malign or discredit a colleague or his *product* to advance's one personal or marketing agenda.

Jerome AM Tan
Makati City, Philippines


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Subject: Re: Alias or Not? FAQ
Author:  MIME:Seaintonln(--nospam--at) at INTERNET
Date:    03/02/99 8:33 AM

I read Richard Lewis's comments with some interest. I'm not sure that he identifies the other side of the issue. Possibly this might help.
There are many employees of companies who subscribe to the SEAINT list and who do not want to take a political (professionally) position that might be contrary to their employer. In this case, they wish to respond to the list at home or using an alias so as not to be easily identified.
This is not as uncommon as it may sound and there are other situations in which a subsciber feels more empowered when his or her name is not clearly attached to their posts.
If you review many of the posts you might find it difficult to identify the write by the return email address. Often the writer purposely leaves his name off the post - I believe to perserve his or her anonimity.

I think SEAINT needs to promote Ethical and Professional use of the resources and simply take a strong position that we will do whatever we can to prevent abuse of the system. Beyond that, there is very little that we are empowered to do.

Respectfully, Dennis Wish PE