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Should Structural Engineering be Separted from Civil Engineering

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Structural Engineering Should Be Separated From Civil Engineering

If structural engineering is ever to be a real profession with the
highest standards, it must
have control of it own destiny. Structural engineers and civil engineers
have little in
common. Environmental engineers have already proclaimed their separate
because most departments are now civil and environmental engineering. 
The present
courses of study leaves out much that the structural engineer badly
needs, for example he
should have some knowledge of architecture, he is a graphical
illiterate. Undergraduates
should have continuous contact with design professionals, and not just
PhD?s as they are
now.  The only way to get any change is for the National Association and
the state 
associations to take the lead, and  members be directed to this goal.

The latest suggestion is to make the Master?s Degree the starting
degree.  I do not think
this is in any way a cure or a solution of our problems, and many see to

This problem needs a lot of discussion

Milo Ketchum