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Re: Re: Should Structural Engineering be Separted from Civil Engineering

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I work primarily in structural engineering, although I personally like the
option of being able to switch back and forth between the two.  I have on
occasion dabbled in the civil/sanitary field.  Because of this I would always
like to have this back door option available for me if I were to need it in
the future.  But because I am very familiar with the structural field, and I
have worked with civils who were not, yet thought they could do structural
engineering, I prefer to have an advanced test for structural engineering in
ALL States.  For small structures I think most civils SHOULD be able to do
the structural design, although some may not.  At the same time I think most
structurals SHOULD be able to do small civil design, although some may not. 
But for the larger structures and civil work I think there should be some
degree of competency in the area of expertise, and there should be some
measure of the competency of the individual such as the NCEES structures 1 &
2 exam.  I personally have taken the two exams, although none of the States I
am presently registered in require them.  I just wanted to achieve something
that few have done.  The contentious issue is where should that cut-off be?

Rich Lewis