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Re: Should Structural Engineering be Separted from Civil Engineering

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I believe that a structural engineer should be able to do ANYTHING
structural.  Including mechanical/structural which often includes FEA and
theory of elasticity/plasticity - also aerospace structural which often
includes orthotropic/anisotropic plate /shell and dynamics.  These and
others are clearly non-civil.  Really, the answer probably lies in some venn

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Subject: Re: Should Structural Engineering be Separted from Civil

>I graduated from a school that concentrates on teaching students to be
>structural engineers instead of Civil engineers.  The Architectural
>Engineering program in Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo is one of the few
>that focuses on Structural Engineering.  In a 4 year program (Really 5
>the students get 3 years of solid Structural Engineering classes and 2
>of architectural design classes which are focused for structural
>students.  This program gets students hands on experience with design from
>very beginning.  When students graduate from the ARCE program they are
>familiar with most of the building codes and techniques of design.  This
>program is great if you want to become a structural engineer and not a
>I am sure other cal poly grads out there can back me up on this.
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