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Re: Should Structural Engineering be Separted from Civil Engineering

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Dear Engineers

Just something to stir the pot,
One of the best Structural Engineer's plans I have reviewed was by an
Engineer, I'm told, didn't even finish college.  I've only had one
conversation with him over the years.

I had the pleasure of reviewing a set of plans he prepared in the
1950's.  This was a large outdoor shopping center constructed here in
California, Zone 4.  My fema 178 analysis indicated that the structure
was just fine, in fact elegantly designed.

With regard to shoring and pinning of large earthen structures his
reputation is well known.

Learning how to design one kind of structure or another is not that
difficult. Physics is physics.

I don't care much what a guy calls himself, what college he went to or
what level of education, what is most important is the work.  We
should judge each other by our work.

I believe structural engineering is only partially learned in school. 
Most of it, the most important part, comes from the older engineer
mentoring the younger one.

I see this lack of mentor+ing, young engineers going to work on there
own before they are ready, the biggest problem in our profession.

I would hope this discussion would be more centered on the need for
more well designed, and well executed plans within our industry.

Ken Tarlow
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