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Dilbert's Theorem (architects vs. engineers)

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Here it goes again!  sniping!  
I am an Architect (artichoke if you like, I am not far from Castroville, self
proclaimed artichoke capitol of the world).  Also I am the "mean ol plan
checker" that reviews your stuff when it is submitted to the "dastardly
Building Dept."  Since I work on a "hired gun" basis I have to be
knowledgeable enough to weather the "wrath" of Engineers who may disagree with
my "negative" plan review reports.  Hopefully I can aquit my professional
affiliation by showing competence.  I do have engineering training and
experience but chose licensing as an architect as I like the creative aspects
more than "dry numbers".

Now you have plenty of stuff in quotes to snipe at, have at it.

Jim Fruit, AIA   (this is my personal opinion for those who are familiar with
the company I work for)