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Re: Should Structural Engineering be Separted from Civil Engineering

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What's next? 
Separate structural engineering from "bridge engineering"?
How about separating concrete engineering from steel engineering or masonry
engineering? Why not? They are all specialties of their own nowadays with the
advanced research and oceans of information, compared to what our "ancestors"
had when they designed and built some of still-today's wonders of the world.

I believe civil and structural engineering go hand in hand, at least in my
hands. I am a licensed structural engineer in California. I practice
structural engineering with occasional small civil work. I like both fields as
they involve using ones knowledge in basic engineering principles, but I enjoy
structural engineering more. On some structural work, I encounter the need for
civil engineering knowledge and on some civil work, structural knowledge come
in handy.

I learned all this at the "department of civil engineering" and not "the
department of structural engineering," and I'm proud to say I had, and still
have, a good understanding in almost all subjects, (except in those that
treated sewage-Yuk, now, this can be separated from civil engineering, and
separated very far, I must say). So, if I am doing a civil grading work with
cuts and fills that need some retaining walls, I would be able to design the
retaining walls and not tell my client that he/she needs to hire a "structural
engineer" for that (plus, I get the fee:-), and believe me there are "civil
engineers" who don't know how to design a retaining wall. How sad.

So, do you still want to separate? Then, do it alone.

Oshin Tosounian, S.E.
Structural Design Group
Van Nuys, CA