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re: Should Str. Eng. be separated from Civil Eng.?

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Hello all you professionals out there:
    i think it is wonderful how you all are considering the future of
your profession and coming up with viable ideas to better strengthen the
dynamics and practices of engineering in general and specifically within
the varying disciplines.
    However--just a thought:  it's not going to make any difference in
the long run whether college/university programs 'beef up' curriculums
or broaden the scope of exposure to different specialties because our
children in American schools are not getting the academic basics in
mathematics and sciences from the elementary through high school levels
to adequately understand engineering concepts.
    What we have now are college students playing 'catch up' to get the
knowledge and skills they should have 'mastered' in high school.
    Until the education process is brought up to a minimum level
comparable to the basic knowledge requirements of even 30 years ago, not
only will the engineering profession suffer from a lack of
well-educated, well-grounded personnel--but so will all the professions
in any field of applied sciences.
    Just my thoughts......
audra ranous