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Re: Summer Internships

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Tim Kaucher raises a very timely discussion on interns and internships, something I may be considering for the first time. Questions:
1. How does one establish a pay scale?
2. What benefits, if any, are provided?
3. What are the mutual obligations of the intern/employer?
4. Can this be done through local colleges, acting as a temp agency, rather than directly with the student?
I'm sure there are many other questions on this. When I was an employee at larger firms, I used to oversee interns occasionally. Some would come to me after complaining that the work provided to them was of no value (photocopying, for example), others would complain that they were given too much responsibility or expected to know more than was reasonable for the tasks provided - such as doing stress calculations or computer modeling.  Very rarely was there actually an intern program which provided valuable training to the intern and yet benefited the company.

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