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RE: Should Structural Engineering be Separated from Civil Enginee ring

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Title: RE: Should Structural Engineering be Separated from Civil Engineering

Joseph Baltar wrote: 

Now, for the truth about professional registration in California.........all
applicants for the professional engineer's examination in Civil Engineering
must have 6 years experience (4 school, 2 practice) and can then sit for the
8 hour NCEE (also given in the other 50 states) exam. 


As the Riddler would say, "Answer me this":

How can a California PE get reciprocity anywhere else?  Virtually all other states require an individual to gain 4(+) years of documented professional practice after receiving his/her first engineering degree before allowing him/her to sit for the Level I NCEES Exam (i.e., the 8-hour national PE Exam).  Many states, even including places like Arkansas, now have mandatory Continuing Professional Development requirements (usually 15 hours per year) which must be met or the PE license doesn't get renewed.  Does the great progressive State of California require CPD yet?

Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas

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