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Re: Dilbert's Theorem (architects vs. engineers)

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You might be a little too harsh on your subject!   I daresay that your
little ____ has been saved a few times by a good plan checker.

I know a number of firms in the South Bay area who depend on the plan
checker to do their review.

I don't think plan checking is too boring.  Imagine having the do the page
numbering for the engineeris calcs you are reviewing and imagine having to
interpret the grid layout that changes every level!

Imagine the civil engineer/surveyor using a drafting service to provide
plans and calculations for a very complicated $1.5 million dollar home.

Imagine kicking back drawings and calcs because the the soil engineer
hasn't reviewed the foundation design, especially when you've just noted
that the 12" dia. piers are on 18" centers.

Imagine a three level independent roof system for a $3.5 million dollar
home, where the highest roof (25 feet above the living room) has only two
shear walls!

How sweet it is to have a complete stranger call you a year after Loma
Prieta and remind you of your battle with her and her contractor ---  and
thanking you because her precious home didn't have any damage.

This is from a S.E. who never had any trouble with OSA but used to listen
to the yelling and screaming in the adjacent office between a plan checker
and the S.E.

Neil Moore, S.E.
B.S.A.E., Cal Poly, 1960

>Who could resist an open invitation to snipe at a Plan Checker!  Sweet
>is at hand! 

>Snipefully yours,
>Tom Jakaby, SE
>(DISCLAIMER: The above opinions, conlusions and snipes are intended to be
>taken in a lighthearted way. It is not intended to alienate, offend or cause
>any consternation.