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RE: Should Structural Engineering be Separated from Civil Enginee ring

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Amen to Stan's comment about 6 vs. 8 years!  It is ridiculous that CA still
allows registration with only two years of experience (one year with an
advanced degree, if I recall correctly).  In the spirit of fairness, as I
recall, it was not so long ago (10 years) that Texas did not require the
NCEES examination at all.  All you needed was your combined 8 years of

Tony Powers
HDR Engineering, Inc.

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> Joseph Baltar wrote:  
> Now, for the truth about professional registration in
> California.........all 
> applicants for the professional engineer's examination in Civil
> Engineering 
> must have 6 years experience (4 school, 2 practice) and can then sit for
> the 
> 8 hour NCEE (also given in the other 50 states) exam.  
> Joseph: 
> As the Riddler would say, "Answer me this": 
> How can a California PE get reciprocity anywhere else?  Virtually all
> other states require an individual to gain 4(+) years of documented
> professional practice after receiving his/her first engineering degree
> before allowing him/her to sit for the Level I NCEES Exam (i.e., the
> 8-hour national PE Exam).  Many states, even including places like
> Arkansas, now have mandatory Continuing Professional Development
> requirements (usually 15 hours per year) which must be met or the PE
> license doesn't get renewed.  Does the great progressive State of
> California require CPD yet? 
> Stan R. Caldwell, P.E. 
> Dallas, Texas 
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