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Re: Dilbert's Theorem (architects vs. engineers)

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I may have been a little harsh.  I'm all for a good plan check, ocassionally,
I actually get one that is constructive.  Most of the time the comments are
for justifying things that have no significance to the design.  In other
words, a waste of my time.

As for relying on plan checkers to check my work.  No way!  That's not going
to happen. I make time to check my projects.  Plan checkers don't have the
time or budget to do a thorough check. Neither do I but I have to.

Plan checkers are just enforcing the code, that's their job.  The design work
is better left to those of us who are still willing to take on new challenges
and make projects successful.  There is a certain amount of pride in seeing a
design through until it is built.  When you can stand back and look at the
accomplishment. There's a satisfaction that can't be measured.  I know thats a
big reason why we are in this profession to begin with.

Tom Jakabyy, SE
BSAE, CalPoly, 1984