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RE: Should Structural Engineering be Separated from Civil Enginee ring

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Title: RE: Should Structural Engineering be Separated from Civil Engineering

Tony Powers wrote:

Amen to Stan's comment about 6 vs. 8 years!  It is ridiculous that CA still
allows registration with only two years of experience (one year with an
advanced degree, if I recall correctly).  In the spirit of fairness, as I
recall, it was not so long ago (10 years) that Texas did not require the
NCEES examination at all.  All you needed was your combined 8 years of


Your recollection is correct.  I took and passed the EIT exam in Wisconsin in April, 1969.  In 1976, I submitted my paperwork and PE exam application in Texas.  The PE Board responded by recommending that I skip the PE exam, and subsequently sent me my license.  Later, when I sought reciprocity, I quickly discovered my mistake.  For this reason, I took and passed the PE exam in April, 1989.  Although the exam was relatively easy, I would not recommend that anyone wait 20 years between exams!

Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas

Is this Cal Poly SLO week?
Are alumni of other schools still allowed to post?