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Re: Summer Internships

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Tim, here are two suggestions:

1) Contact the Personnel Department of the City of Los Angeles, and inquire
about volunteer work in the City.  We are just down the street from your
school. In particular, you can inquire about the possibilities of volunteering
in the Bureau of Engineering in one of our various divisions (Arch. Div.,
Collection Systems, Constr. Div., Development Services, Stormwater Man. Div,
Street Impr. Div., Struct & Geotech. Eng. Div (THIS IS MINE), Survey & Mapping,
Distric Offices, Wastewater Const. Man. Div.).  You won't be getting paid but
I'am sure you will gain valuable experience, especially if you are a junior or

2) Our Bureau (Bureau of Engineering(BOE), Dept. of Public Works) is planning
to re-instate its Student Engineer Program (payed intern) for Juniors & Seniors
but it may not start until the fall.  Nevertheless, you may want to get a jump
start by submitting a resume w/ cover letter to the City Engineer, Mr. Thomas
K. Conner (650 S. Spring St., Suite 200, LA Calif., 90014-1911).

3) I believe BOE will be at USC to interview for entry level positions on March
22.  You may want to tell your friends to find out if there are still any
interview spots available.

I won't hold it against you that I went to that other school in Westwood.

ed gonzalez

>>> kaucher <kaucher(--nospam--at)> 03/03/99 11:53PM >>>
Dear Engineers,

My name is Tim, and I am a sophomore at the University of Southern
California majoring in Civil Engineering Building Science. I am currently
searching for a summer internship at a local structural engineering firm.
If your firm offers internships, please reply.  Thanks! 



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