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Re: Openings in Concrete Block

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Why not put the tubes at the bottom of the block?  The fork lift should be
able to get it's fork in them there.  Then you have a 11" slab above the
tubes that you can design as a continuous beam  over two supports and
determine how much bar you need to put top and bottom (with the bottom bars
being right on top of the tubes).

Neil Moore

>Question - how to handle a opening in a concrete block?
>Concrete block is 42" x 48" x 15" high, with a layer of wood on base. 
>Blocks are used to support ships in dry dock - therefore loading is ~ 
>uniform over top surface. To allow forklift handling of block, I want to 
>embed (2) each 10x4 structural tubes at mid-depth of block. This leaves 
>5.5" of concrete above and below the tubes.