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RE: Recycled materials

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Talk to Linda Pressler.  She is an Architect and we did a green design for 
the government some time ago.  She found a lot of information concerning 
green design.  She had books and sources that listed who and what for 
recycled building products.  Her email address is prcssler(--nospam--at)

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Subject: Recycled materials

Hello all,

I have been asked to design a building for a Zoo that is "environmentally
friendly."  What this means to them is that they would like to use renewable
or recycled materials.  They are intersted particularly in recycled steel.
Has anyone had any experience with this?  They are also interested in some of
the engineered wood products that may use wood scraps to make up the products
such as oriented strand board.

Thanks in advance.

Doug Snow
Snow and Associates
Phoenix, Arizona