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Re: Robot 97

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Dear Sirs,

On March 3rd, Mr. Sleiman Serhal and Mr. Damir raised the following issues
with regards to the structural analysis and design software ROBOT 97:
1. Manuals are not available, "the software is documentation free"
2. Problems with the network version of ROBOT 97
3. Lack of a reply to one e-mail question.

We certainly would like to give you answer to all the points:

1) Manuals and documentation

ROBOT 97 is a software created very recently and specifically for Windows
NT/95. Our team of 25 engineers has been developing it for the last three
years starting from scratch using ANSI C and C++ standards. During that time
we have worked on the entire user's documentation; however, its final
version could only appear when the program was close to its completion. In
other words, we had to follow the program development team in order to
include all the available facilities and their most updated appearance.

Currently we provide our customers with:

* User's Manual (227 pages)
* Reference Manual (522 pages)
* Verification Manual (57 pages)

ROBOT 97 is recognized as an easy to use software, where you can find an
on-line help, based on the standards of Windows 95/NT that allow the user to
solve all kinds of problems.

In our on-line help you can find:
* contextual help available for each object in the dialogue windows and
viewers and in the command menu;
* tool tips for toolbar icons;
* index of available help topics;
* contextual help to search on a given topic;
* hierarchical access to pre-set information.
The ROBOT help system is equipped with drawings that facilitate quick user
orientation within the explanatory text.
In addition, a help manual, demo version and tutorial are also provided on

2) Network version of ROBOT 97

Since July 1998 (12.1 version) we provide our customers with a network
version of ROBOT 97. Already more than 100 companies have chosen the network
version of our software. The network version is used in a LAN/WAN system
where users are scattered around in different geographic locations.

We are ready to assist our clients with installation of the network version.
Problems, if any, were due to incorrect configuration of the network system
like: server access denied, no reading and writing permissions on the
server, imperfections in user profile definition, disconnected user, etc.

In order to help system administrator in solving configuration problems,
since the 12.1version, we provide our software with network diagnostic tools
that detect possible problems in the network configuration.

3) Email reply

We are sorry not to have replied to Mr. Sleiman Serhal, but, after double
checking in our system, we are afraid we have not received any e-mail from

In any case, our help desk/technical support team (with more than 10 people)
does answer and solve all the problems and questions sent by e-mail in just
a few hours and always in less than 24 hours. Note that our technical
support team can answer by e-mail, telephone, or by arranging a

You can contact our technical support service at service(--nospam--at)

Jack Kucharewicz
 Integrated Structural Software
 848 Stanford University Ave.
 Palo Alto, CA 94301, USA
 toll free: (888) ISS-8491
 phone:  (650) 853-8491
 fax:  (650) 853-8490
 e-mail: jk(--nospam--at)

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From: Damir Varevac <dvarevac(--nospam--at)>
To: seaint(--nospam--at) <seaint(--nospam--at)>
Date: Wednesday, March 03, 1999 10:04 AM
Subject: Re: Robot 97

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>From: Sleiman Serhal <mony(--nospam--at)>
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>Date: Wednesday, March 03, 1999 4:31 PM
>Subject: Robot 97
>>> I recently purchased Robot 97 but the local agent told me that no
>>> manuals will be available, that we should use the help menu instead. I
>>> found this quite illogical so I emailed the Robot people from their
>>> home
>>> page asking about that but they didn't reply.
>>> I really don't see how I can model 3D buildings from the meager help
>>> menu !
>>> Are there any Engineers out there with the same problem ?
>>> Moni Serhal
>>> MSCE UT Austin
>>> Working as an independent consultant in Lebanon, Middle East
>>> (now that people are scared of pseudos)
>Of course there's more of us with the same problem and the same company. I
>purchased network version of ROBOT and after almost a year it works.
>Software is completely "documentation free". There is a manual, but it has
>about 90 pages, mostly on installing, and it tells you nothing.