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RE: Prestressed Beam Software

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Here are three PC/PS design programs I can think of off the top of my head.
I use both
1) and 2).  They both have their individual strengths and weaknesses.
Although both titled "beam", they apply to all flexural member designs.

1) Concise Beam 3.x  -  Canadian Precast Concrete Association
Windows program, about $500.00

2) BEAM - Jaques and Aswad, Inc., (303)777-2685
DOS program, about $800.00

3) PRESTO 7.1 - LEAP Software (800)451-5327
DOS program, about $3500.00

Note that, usually, the design of the precast/prestressed elements is
provided by us fabricators. That way the design is tailored to fit the
production techniques and form dimensions for a given precast plant.

If I can be of any help, give me a call at (925)454-9598.

Brent Koch, P.E.

P.S. Are you the Brad Friederichs formerly with Cole/Yee/Schubert in