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Re: Concrete Placement in Seawater

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I believe thatthis subject was coveered before .  Check the SEAOC web site
to access archive.  The way concrete is placed in saltwater is using a
treme (?), a semi-rigid tube on the end of a pump hose.  The concrete is
placed in a "pile" making sure that the open end of the treme is submerged
in the pile such that new concrete is placed "inside" the pile.  In this
way only outer surface of the pile is exposed to the seawater, the
concrete placed into the pile is thus protected from contamination &
dilution by the seawater.

Robert Kazanjy, PE

On Fri, 5 Mar 1999, Ing. Daniel Ulloa wrote:
> What is the recommended practice to pour concrete when the reinforced
> concrete structure is partly submerged in seawater ?  Does the steel
> necessarily need a special coating (epoxy, plastic, etc.) as protection
> against corrosion ?  Is it acceptable to just pur the concrete mix and
> let it displace the salty water ? 
> I will appreciate your comments on this subject.
> Thank you
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