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Re: y2k and the average engineer?

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I don't think you should worry about the y2k problem, unless you have a time
or date dependent application which tracks time and date for doing certain
tasks. Almost all applications that do that on PC's are fairly recent and
require operating systems that are used on newer computers which do not have
the y2k problem.
Older computers (PC's) built around two-digit year format are history, but
unless you have the date dependent application in your older computer you do
not have a problem. Almost all older engineering application programs do not
track date to perform analysis or design, except for date stamping the data
files or printouts.
So, even if your older computer says it's February 6, 1900, your analysis or
design program should care less.

Now if you have an older database program on an older PC that tracks date and
time for billing, sorting, or any data manipulation, then you will have a
Newer programs of this type will not install on older PC's anyway, so there's
no point discussing it.

I hope I'm right and it helps:-)

Oshin Tosounian, S.E.
Structural Design Group