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Re: y2k and the average engineer?

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>I don't think you should worry about the y2k problem, unless you have a time
>or date dependent application which tracks time and date for doing certain
Try this site as a jumping off point: <> It looks 
pretty sensible. I'd say ignore both apocalyptic nonsense, of which there 
is a great deal, and those who deny it's a problem. Check with your 
software and hardware vendors and see what they say. You could also try 
seeing what happens if you set your computer clock to December 31 11:58 
PM and see what happens. I'm gonna keep up to date hardcopy of all my 
financial records where I can get my hands on it quick. I run Macs, so I 
won't have any computer problems, but my bank doesn't and neither does my 
SEP manager. I won't be flying on Dec 31 because I've never had reason to 
fly on New Year's Eve and there's no reasone this year would be 
different. And if VISA loses track of my credit charges or my mortgage 
holder sends me a check for 500 grand to cover negative interest between 
now and 1900--tough beans for them. 

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